Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wayne Straight's Mx Brick Wall:

By now you're all (painfully) aware that I'm a descendant of Thos. Mulliner of Ipswich, Suffolk and Branford CT (Thos1). I know who Thos.1's parents were (Thos. Mulliner the Elder (ca 1550-1626) and Elizabeth Appleyard (ca 1560-1628)), but have no clue as to which Mx family Thomas the Elder sprung. I also now know that Thos.1 had a son named Lawrence (1625-??) who stayed in England and was eventually listed by Sir Edward Bysshe & William Harry Rylands, College of Arms, in their book A Visitation of the County of Suffolk, begun Anno Dni. 1664 and Finished Anno Dni. 1668. In the book they listed one Lawrence Mulliner among the gentry, living at Holbrooke, in Suffolkshire. They also referenced his coat of arms and crest. Unfortunately, at this point in time I've only seen Ancestry.com's abbreviated account of same which is as follows: "Arms: Sable, a cross moline Erminois. Crest: a garb...Harl. M.S. 1085, p. 15". I would greatly appreciate hearing from anybody who is either descended from Lawrence and/or knows something about his family, its descent and its coat of arms/crest.

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