Monday, March 15, 2010

IMFA's Web Presence Evolving

Note from Wayne:

As our on-line functionality continues to expand, the IMFA finds itself in need of new ways of doing business. One thing that has become abundantly clear is that we need to have obvious and easy connectivity among our various on-line presences--our homepage, our DNA page, our Wiki and our Blog--as well as to other Mx-oriented sites such as those posted on the front page of our Wiki (The newest of these is Mx An American Story (, a site dedicated primarily to the South Carolina Mullinax's, et al. Our thanks to Wendy Arnim (US339) for this link.)

Our most recent change involves connectivity between our Wiki and our Blog. Although, our Wiki has a built-in comments function, the ability for you to comment is constrained by your access privileges. Everyone in the world has "Read" access to our Wiki but only IMFA members or those non-members with an Mx-based story to tell, can have "Write" access*, and unfortunately you can't comment within the Wiki without "Write" access.

To get around this problem we've inserted a hot-link on each and every page of the Wiki (excepting appendices) which looks like this:

Clicking on this hot-link within the Wiki will automatically redirect you to our Blog page. Once there, you simply go to the upper right hand corner of the Blog window and sign in. Once signed in, you can click on "New Post" and make your comments in re any aspect of our Wiki. Once your Blog has been posted, one of our administrators will copy and paste it into the appropriate comments window on the Wiki.

Future changes may involve Web Hooks or some other Web technology to ensure seamless connectivity among the IMFA's many parts. Keep tuned in to learn of new changes as they develop.

*This is due to a combination of constraints within PBWiki and the IMFA's need to ensure a modicum of control over content within the Wiki. Our policy in this regard is still a matter of discussion and may change in future.

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