Saturday, March 27, 2010

SC-VA/WV-DE Mx Connection?

Whether you're new at "blogging" or it is common place, welcome! I'm new at it so please bear with me as I learn. I've embarked on this new venture in an attempt to both share --- as well as obtain --- information about my pre-Revolutionary War Mx ancestors. ("Mx" represents the more than 200 ways of spelling Mullinax, Mulenix, etc.)

I have conclusive documentation that takes me back to my GGGG grandfather, John Mx, who was born between 1765 & 1774, died in SC in 1819 or 1820, & had a wife named Alsey (a nickname for Alice). Whether or not Alsey was the only wife John ever had is not yet known. The theory has been that this John's parents were John & Sarah who were of what eventually became Cherokee County, SC, but I am open to following the clues wherever they may lead. The strongest clues seem to point to Virginia as the pre-SC location, & recently, clues have emerged that point to possible Delaware & West Virginia connections as well.

Did you have Mx ancestors in any of these areas during the 1700s? If so, I invite you to share your thoughts & ideas related to things shared in this blog &/or related to my two reports at the link mentioned here. Several of us have already been exchanging ideas & information, and as we do, theories continue to develop, & we'd love for you to hop on board & enjoy the ride!

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