Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good News on the MX-DNA Front

Hi All;

As at least some of you know, IMFA member, George Mollineaux (US294), has been trying to prove or disprove his descent from the Branford, CT, Mx's (my Mx line as illustrated in our Wiki of the same name-- To further this goal he has taken a Y-DNA test and is awaiting the results.

In preparation for that I've been trying to identify living males with the Branford Mx Y-DNA to serve as proofs with which to compare George's DNA. It just occurred to me today (somewhat belatedly, I admit), that some of the pedigrees/DNA results already listed in our DNA page ( might provide just such a comparison. As it turns out, I did find a pedigree, that of Dallas Mullinnex (Kit: 80097), which belongs to the Branford Mx's. (Dallas' haplogroup is Type R1B-not yet assigned a type.)

The pedigree for John Mullinex as featured on the DNA page is as follows:
1 John Mullinex, b Jun 1830, NY; d c 1900, Delaware Co., NY
m Christina C. LNU, date, place unknown

2 James Ira (also known as Ira James) Mullinex, b May 1864, NY; d c 1941, Delaware Co., NY
m Anna Cummings, date, place unknown

3 Raphael J. Mullinex, b c 1918, NY; d date, place unknown

4 Dallas Mullinnex

This same pedigree as reflected in my Branford Mx tree is as follows:
John Mullinex/Mulnix/Mulanix, b. Jun 1828-1830, in Andes Twp., Delaware Co., NY , d. 1900, Tompkins Twp., Delaware Co., NY, bur. Dryden Brook Cemetery, Dryden Brook Rd., Delaware Co., NY, USA. He m1. Christina C. Spencer ca 1851-1854, in Andes Twp. They had the following children: Elizabeth, LaFayette, Hiram, Mary J., Sarah C., James Ira, Uriah, Sophia, Louisa, and Abijah.

John's parents were Charles Mx Sr. (1792-1859) & Abigail Gregory (1794-1876). His siblings were Jarvis (1815-1889), Samuel (1817-1897), & Richard (1825-??)

If, as we suspect, George is indeed one of the Branford Mx's, then John would be his 3rd cousin, 4 times removed, and John's descendant, Dallas, would be George's 5th cousin, once removed. (Dallas and I are also fifth cousins, once removed.)

It appears that this comparison will result in at least two, and possibly three, happy results: 1) Dallas will benefit from the documentation in my Branford Mx family tree; 2) I will have some more names to add to my Branford Mx tree; and 3) George may finally have proof of his relationship to the Branford Mx's.

Unfortunately, the John-Dallas pedigree was the only one listed to date for the Branford Mx's, so if you are an male descendant, surname Mx, seriously consider getting the Y-DNA test. And even if you don't , you should be able to use Dallas' DNA results to type yourself. Cheers, Wayne

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